Carbo4Power is a project supported by the European Union under the HORIZON2020 Framework Programme.

First Web Design has been very fortunate to have undertaken a number of exciting European Commission projects on behalf of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd.

Carbo4Power’s main objective is to “develop a new generation of lightweight, high strength, multifunctional, digitalized multi-materials for offshore turbine rotor blades that will increase their operational performance and durability while reducing the cost of energy production, maintenance, and their environmental impact”.

First of all, we needed to create a logo that displayed a relationship with the project subject. The Hexagon made from the multiple rotor blades pertains to Graphene, a carbon nanomaterial that lays at the heart of the project. The wavy lines signify the underwater turbine element.

We then created a website that exhibited project details and downloadable documents, as well as share latest news.

Following on from this, we were asked to develop an Intranet site for the project partners to upload, share and discuss documents.


Client Testimonial

It has been a pleasure working with Trevor on the website design for our European Horizon 2020 collaborative R&D project. We received excellent feedback from the project partners regarding the project website and logo design. Trevor is a top-level professional with the highest standards of work and a gift to reflect scientific and technology content into beautiful website design.

Dr Bojan Boskovic
Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd

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